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'Rubens', A Rose with an Identity Crisis

By Di Durston, Tea Bag PRHRiA

The first steps to identify the rose that is grown today as ‘Rubens’ began when our Tea Book was being written and at this time the ‘Rubens’ - 'Laurette’ naming issue was being strongly debated. A timeline was compiled for two of the roses that seemed to be identical. I then visited South Africa in search for the third rose ‘Archimede’ that was going through an identity issue as the other Robert/Moreau, Tea Roses

Follow my journey as I researched - and continue to research - the elusive history of the beautiful Tea Rose 'Rubens'. You can read about it HERE.

Chromolithograph of 'Rubens' from Rosen-Album, Komlosy and Ferenstel, Vienna 1868-1875

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