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Araluen Botanic Park

Araluen Botanic Park

Significant Collection of Historic Roses

Araluen Botanic Park is situated in the Perth Hills suburb of Roleystone, approximately 40km south east of the Perth city centre. It comprises 14 hectares of both garden areas and natural bushland. The valley is much cooler than the Perth coastal plain and is ideal for growing roses. The Tea Roses, Noisettes, Chinas and many of the Australian  bred Alister Clark roses thrive, flowering throughout the year - even in winter. Some wild roses, The Gallicas and other Old European Roses struggle to survive during the heat of Perth's scorching summers. There are many modern roses too. A collection of recent Australian-bred cultivars has been donated to the Park and has been planted next to the train tunnel.

Today Araluen has a significant rose collection of over 400 varieties and 2,500 plants. The rare 'found roses' both from WA and elsewhere in Australia are given pride of place. The roses are grown throughout the Park, both in formal beds and amongst the native vegetation of jarrah, marri, grass trees and wildflowers. This provides a unique Australian bushland setting.

There are few supporting structures in the Park so the huge R.gigantea hybrids and other climbers grow as freestanding mounds of colour. These give an eye-catching display when in full flower. As there is plenty of space the Tea Roses are allowed to grow into large spectacular flowering shrubs. The roses are regularly dead headed so annual pruning is kept to a minimum. Only eco-friendly rose sprays are used. Small native birds abound in the Park and are wonderful insect pest controllers.

The Rose Garden is on a hillside overlooking the valley, and contains a wide variety of roses, both heritage and modern. There are nearly always roses in bloom in the Park, but this area is stunning in late October and early November when everything is in full flower. In 2012 Araluen received a grant from Heritage Roses in Austrlia to establish a species/wild and species/hybrid collection.

Read the incredible story of how Araluen was to be sold, bulldozed and developed - until Noelene Drage stepped in and dedicated 5 years of her life, and a significant sum of her own money, to have it gazetted as a Botanical Garden. Read the story, as told by Noelene Drage HERE.

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