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Tea Rose Anna Olivier
Tea Rose "Anna Olivier"

Mt Nasura Garden
Travelling on the Trail of Old Roses

Mt Nasura Private Garden

Three Decades of Collecting and Growing Old Roses

Di Durston is often referred to as The Tea Lady, or Tea Bag. She is a contributing author of Tea Roses: Old Roses for Warm Gardens , and you can find out more about the process that lead to the writing of the Tea Rose book HERE.  Di is a sought after speaker with a great knowledge of Heritage Roses, in particular Tea Roses. She is also passionate about rose breeding, and breeds rare and endangered roses in her private home nursery.

Di has a beautiful rambling garden situated in the Perth Hills at Mt Nasura. Her collection of Old Roses is extensive. 

"I first became a member of HRiA in 1991 when I became friendly with another rose lover who was interested in old roses. After attending the Orange National Conference, I was asked to join the committee. A conference was then planned for Perth and I became part of the National Executive for this Western Australian Heritage Rose Conference, and another that followed. Six of these ladies from the committee then went on to co-author our award winning book, ‘Tea Roses: Old Roses for Warm Gardens’ . It took years to complete because the research was extensive, and intense.

Before this, when our family was living in the Netherlands at Den Haag in the mid 1980’s, I bought a book at the British Bookshop in the Haag called ‘Elizabeth and her German Garden’, attracted by the author being an Australian, ( Elizabeth von Arnim). The book was written in 1898

Elizabeth writes about turning a wilderness into a garden that was ninety miles north of Berlin in Germany. She developed a great fascination for Tea Roses and ordered many from catalogues - ‘Safrano’, ‘Dr Grill’, ‘Laurette Messimy’, ‘Viscountess Folkestones’, ‘Bouquet d’Or, ‘Rubens’, ‘Madame Joseph Schwartz’, ‘Hon. Edith Gifford’, ‘Devoniensis’, ‘Adam’, ‘Marie van Houtte’, ‘Jules Finger’, ‘The Bride’, ‘Madame de Watteville’, ‘Comtesse Riza du Parc’, and also one ‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’.

Our family returned to Perth and I began the search for Tea Roses. Nurseries were beginning to stock these roses from the eighteen hundreds and owners travelled to the Eastern States of Australia to collect valuable budwood and new varieties.

Fast forward to now, over thirty years later and I think I have created a wild wilderness with many roses peeping from all corners of my garden. Elizabeth wanted a wild garden, and I think I have achieved my own wild garden as well, I thank her for creating my love for Tea Roses.

Roses in Di Durston's Mt Nasura Garden

Alister Clarks

Golden Vision



Mrs Oswins Gigantia

Lady Huntingfield

Tonner’s Fancy

Cecily Lasscelles



Lorraine Lee

Traverser Gigantia

Harbinger Gigantia

Squatter’s Dream


Conrad Ferdinand Meyer

Sarah van Fleet

Rugosa Alba


Parfum de l’Hay

Frau Dagmar Hastrup


Belle Poitevine

Ferguson Farm Tea Roses

A - Creamy/peach Tea Rose - Abricottee

B - White Maman Cochet Tea Rose

C - Red/plum Tea Rose - Souvenir de Francois

Goulain ? possible ID

D - Mrs B R Cant Tea Rose.

Roses that I have registered -

Stella and Charlie - Apricot Tea

St. Mary’s Girl - Pink Tea


Buff Beauty

Octavus Weld

Rosette Delizy

Sperigina BL

Bloomfields Dainty

Bloomsfield Courage


44 Wood St, Balingup.

Agnus Smith

Peace 1902

Baronne Henriette Snoy

Riverina Sunset BL

Lady Hillingdon

Molly Sharman Crawford

Irish Elegance

Devoniensis bush

Devoniensis clg

Papa Gontier

Mademoiselle Franziska Kruger

Mrs Dudley Cross

G. Nabonnand

Duchesse de Brabant

Bon Silene

Camnethan Pink

Camnethan Cream

Hugo Roller

Archiduc Joseph

General Schablikine

Triomphe du Luxembourg

General Gallieni

E Veyrat Hermanos


Marie Nabonnand


Mrs Foley-Hobbs

Catherine Mermet

Souvenir de Madam Boullet

Mme Gregoire Staechelin

Lijiang Rd Climber

W.R. Smith

Gloire Lyonaise


Susan Louise

Maman Cochet - Pink Bush

Blairii 2


Anna Olivier

Duke of York

Cardinal de Richelieu


Persian Yellow


Dr Huey

Princess Margaret

Bloomfiled Abundance

Souvenir de la Malmaison



Marie van Houtte

Etoile de Lyon

Mrs Herbert Stevens

Souvenir de Pierre Notting

Cousin Essie


10,000 Lights

Mrs Goods Special Tea

Old Blush

Slaters Crimson

Mrs B R Cant

Fake Perle

Madam Isaac Pereire

Mme Pierre Oger

Tuscany Superb

Mme Ernest Calvat

Reine de Violette


Red Cascade


Fritz Nobis

Fourtunes Double Yellow

Pam Taylors - Windy Hollow - Mrs Dunlop Best

Stanwell Perpetual

Rival de Paestrum

Souvenir dun Ami

Quartre Saison



Fantin Latour


La Belle Sultane


Paul’s Lemon Pillar

Alexandra Pink Tea

Carlsruse Maria Brune

Madam Lombard

Park’s Yellow

Golden Moss


Comptesse Riza du Parc

Maman Cochet Maria Hardwick Pink Clg

Isabella Sprunt

George Melville Cream Tea

Mme Antoine Marie

R. Woodsii

Frau Karl Druschki


Roxburghii Plena

Mrs Renyolds Hole

Le Vesuve

Grace Darling

Mme Berkeley

Souvenir Madam Leonie Vienott

Alba Maxima

Blush Noisette

Mme Camille/Mme Antoine Marie

Isle de Harbeland

Gate House Rose

Pips Pottery White

Maureen Sherrini Apricot Tea

Tipsy Imperial Concubine

Mme Joseph Schwartz

Vesty’s Yellow

Rowley St Tea


Lavender Lassie

Francis Dubreuil

Purpurea di Bologna

Autumn Delight


Louise Odier

Mme Hardy

Souvenir dun Ami


Eglantine Rose

Bardou Job

About 20 David Austins

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