Where Can I See Heritage Roses in or near Perth?

There are several locations close to Perth City that have gardens with significant collections of Heritage Roses. PRHRiA is dedicated to ensuring the perpetuity of Heritage Roses in Western Australia, and members spend time budding and propagating and sharing species with others to keep the growing programme bouyant in WA. 


Private Gardens

Some Private Gardens are open at certain times of the year, and you can find the dates for these, if any, on our Events page. Some are not open to the public at all, but can be viewed on this website. You may link to these gardens in the gallery below or go directly HERE.


Public Gardens

Perth Region of Heritage Roses in Australia maintain and manage three Public locations. We are dedicated to maintaining and preserving the Heritage Roses in these gardens.  Find out what we do HERE or link from below.

Public Heritage Rose Gardens in WA

Private Heritage Rose Growers Gardens in WA

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