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PRHRiA Library

Library Coordinator:

Janet Rowe

We have a well stocked selection of books available for MEMBERS to borrow, which are located in our library at Falls Farm Cottage. Several books may be borrowed at a time, but prompt return is appreciated. 


Available books to borrow are stored in the library cupboard. Every book/item has its own number prominently displayed on the front corner of the cover and on the spine of the book. 

Please read the following information regarding borrowing books, and also peruse the books that are presently in our stock. 

Please note: books are available to borrow for HRIA Members only. 

How to Borrow Books

  1. In the ‘IN’ file box is a corresponding card, detailing the book name and number

  2. Remove the card from file box and write in ‘Date Out’ section the date you are borrowing, and then your name

  3. Place the card in the ‘OUT’ file box (in number order so it’s easy for you to locate when you return your book)

How to Return Books

  1. Find the card you filled out in the ‘OUT’ file box

  2. Record the date returned and return the card to the ‘IN’ file box

  3. Return book to correct position (numerical order) in Library

Library List 

Got a book in mind? Just enter the title or the author in the search bar below and we just may have what you are looking for.  There are also links on some of the authors, so you may read more about them.


This list can be viewed on your mobile phone but it is best viewed on a larger device. Click HERE if you would prefer to view the list as a pdf. Happy reading!

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