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Falls Farm History

A Talk by Pauline Tonkin

After our November meeting at Falls House, Pauline Tonkin gave a passionate talk on the history of the place we call “home” for our Perth Heritage Roses, but it is a second home to Pauline.

To commence the talk Pauline showed photos of the original builder of the property and the importance of him, then photos and history of the three families that lived in the property before it went into a state of disrepair. One of the owners had a chook business on the site and there was a cool room built below the ground to keep the eggs cool until transport came twice a week to take them to market. Unfortunately, at the time the property went into disrepair and the Shire was going to demolish the whole site, and before Pauline and her husband could get their point across about the importance of the property and their wish to have it repaired, the cool room was destroyed.

Pauline and her husband eventually got the go ahead from the Shire to start to rebuild the house along with a few people the Shire said they would provide to help, but only one actually did any work. They began the task of rebuilding.

Once the rebuilding was completed, the heritage rose garden was built by heritage rose enthusiasts such as Carol Mansfield, Noelene Drage, Bob Melville and many more. It is an amazing story and how a young Pauline and her husband rebuilt this property. Sadly her husband passed away not long after their amazing achievement.

Pauline spent so much of her life there she regards it as her second home and still today she takes great care and love of Falls Farm.

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