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Cutting Day at Jan's

The PRHRiA May meeting was held at Chair Jan Eastman's house, which made for a delightful change from our regular meeting place at Falls Farm.

The meeting commenced with Jan give a detailed description on how to strike rose cuttings – from the size and width of the cuttings, to the types of soil, cheap potting mix and river sand are among the best, using hormone powder or natural honey on the end that’s inserted into the soil, to suggesting jiffy pots as a good container the rose cutting can be kept in as it can stay in the jiffy pot when planted out or into a container.

Then the fun began with everyone taking cuttings, even though some had originally gone along with purely the intention of listening to the talk but not potting up cuttings. Fortunately Jan has a wide range of heritage roses to choose from and there was definitely quite a bit of pruning done that day.

The day concluded with a delicious lunch on the verandah and our raffle winner was Careth who was very happy to take home an “Orpheline du Juilet” rose.

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