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AGM & General Business Meeting

By Jan Eastman, Coordinator Perth Region of Heritage Roses in Australia

Held on Sunday 12th February at Falls Farm, a new Committee for 2023 was elected. The Business Meeting followed where all points on the Agenda were dealt with and passed. It was wonderful to see so many members at the meetings and it was appreciated to those of you who notified that you were unable to be with us.

The following members were elected to form the 2023 Committee


Jan Eastman


Kate Walker


Bob Henley

Editor/New Member Liaison:

Gay Dutton

Events & Displays:

Jos Henley


Abigail Hall


Di Durston

Melisa Hillman

Araluen Liaison:

Lynne Chapman

Billy West

Falls Farm Liaison:

Pauline Tonkin

Stirling Square Liaison:

Val Shiell

Archives: Vacant -

Hospitality Leader:

Tina Mercado

Hospitality Assistant:

Ken Mercado

Joan Tait

National Executive President:

Bruce Bott

Like the past 2 years a questionnaire was passed around requesting members to suggest ideas for future meetings this year. We received various ideas which were discussed and implemented at our first Committee meeting and the Events Calendar has now been sent out to members. Thank you all who spent the time on the questionnaire. If you were unable to attend at the meeting and still have an idea feel free to contact Jan Eastman by email.

Also if you have any queries – feel free to contact anyone of the above.

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